Monday, December 29, 2008

CHRISTmas Past, Present, and Future

As the Christmas holiday soon approached us, I found myself thinking back so many years ago to my childhood. There is not a single Christmas that I don't remember. I can remember my mom putting up the decorations--I knew Christmas was coming!! I can also remember my dad going out to get the biggest tree he could find in the woods. (We used cedar trees in those days!) I even remember the feeling of excitement while lying in bed on those Christmas Eve nights. For some reason I always felt that someone was watching me through my window to see if I had fallen asleep. My brother and I could hardly sleep. One would get up and go get the other to see what the man in the red suit with the white beard brought us. After opening up our gifts we would venture out to my Grandparens houses--Granddaddy Crowder's in the morning for breakfast and Grandma Bass's for dinner. Even though the gifts of Christmas Past have faded and gone, the spirit is still within us! Christmas Present is upon us now and how things are so different. We no longer go to the woods to find the biggest tree. I opted this year not to have one, just a little one for Jackson. Yes, this Christmas was different because we no longer can venture out to see our Grandparents. Granddaddy is gone but his spirit is still with us! We are still blessed to have Grandma who is now living with my parents. But now my parents are Grandparents! What a joy it was to see my baby Jackson on Christmas! We are still able to visit with loved ones and friends on this joyous Holiday of our Savior's birth!

But what will next year really be like? Who will be available for celebrating Christmas in a year or ten years? How will the celebration change? Will the meaning of Christmas, the true story of its beginning, finally be totally erased from memory? The meaning of the season will always be with us as long as the word Christmas exists. Christ is in it! The spirit of love, peace, joy will carry on in families. Think ahead to the Christmas future. Think ahead but not as to the perfect gift to buy. Plan something that can carry on in the lives of a younger generation so they will never forget. TEACH them to carry on the gift of giving.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Jackson's 1st Gift to Mommy and Daddy

Just wanted to share with you all some things my little Jackson created for us at his babysitters. On Wednesday the children created homemade gingerbread houses. Of course his friends helped him with his! On Friday he created an angel on an apron. It actually brought tears to my eyes to see what my little man created with his own hands. We are so blessed to have our little boy in our lives! I will treasure everything that he will ever make!

Jackson is 10 months old!

My Grandmother, mother, Jackson, me

Jackson is now 10 months old! Where is the time going? He is reaching milestones and we are so excited to see what he'll do next. He has 4 teeth and can eat pretty much anything from the table--I mean the boy can eat!! He is also pulling up and standing in his crib and play yard. Please pray for Larry and I that the good Lord will bless us with LOTS of energy to keep up with Jack! We will need it!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods to Ameila County We Go!

What a day! We all decided to take a venture on Sunday to Ameila County to visit my brother Brian and his wife Lynnette. We also took my grandmother who hasn't been there since they got married in 02'. Many of you know that she had a stroke this past June. She has been handicapped ever since and has not been able to get out very much. This was Jackson's 2nd trip to see his Uncle B and Aunt Nette. We drove up Sunday morning and got there in time for lunch. They have such a beautiful house and it was really nice just to get Granny out for a day. Jackson sure did enjoy it! Thanks Uncle B and Aunt Nette for a good time!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Trying to get that perfect picture!

I just thought that I would share a few photos from the other night. I was trying to get that perfect picture of Jackson to put into the Tidewater News with his Santa Letter. Well, he was not he's usual photogenic self! He became very ill with me and was very determined that I was not going to get that shot--so I opted for another pic that I already had!! However, once I put him in the tub, he was like another child!! I am so glad that he loves to take baths!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Trees

Every year I get so excited to put up my Christmas tree! I just knew that with this being Jackson's 1st Christmas it was going to be so special. Well, when Jack turned 9 months he was everywhere and into everything! Keeping Jackson away from dangerous things such as cords has gotten to be a daily chore. Sadly, I decided this year was not the year for the tree:( WHAT!! You may ask, no trimming the tree, no singing "O Christmas Tree", nothing??? I knew that I could not let my little boy go without having some kind of tree in the house. So, I opted for a small tree---a really small tree! I just threw some colored lights on it and some antique ornaments that belonged to my grandparents and TADA! A Tree for Jackson. It may not be elaborate, but in my son's eyes, it's a real Christmas tree! We always get caught up on things that are so materialistic! As Linus would say, "It may be a small tree but all it needs is a little love!"

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas time is here!!

Just a few shots of our doggy, Winston. He just loves to pose for the camera! He is an angel!!

Life is Good!

Life is Good!

Lately I have been feeling the stress of teaching school and the economy doesn't make anything easier. Day after day I felt myself going down. I had to put my life in perspective. I have an awesome Lord and Savior who is with me everyday, a loving husband(who stays in the woods to get that trophy buck!), and the sweetest little boy in the world. Life coudn't be any better. From time to time we are going to face those daily challenges, but as my mom would say--"Keep the faith". Sometimes it is hard! But how is the Lord suppose to help if we don't let Him? We must GIVE IT ALL to Him!