Sunday, December 14, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods to Ameila County We Go!

What a day! We all decided to take a venture on Sunday to Ameila County to visit my brother Brian and his wife Lynnette. We also took my grandmother who hasn't been there since they got married in 02'. Many of you know that she had a stroke this past June. She has been handicapped ever since and has not been able to get out very much. This was Jackson's 2nd trip to see his Uncle B and Aunt Nette. We drove up Sunday morning and got there in time for lunch. They have such a beautiful house and it was really nice just to get Granny out for a day. Jackson sure did enjoy it! Thanks Uncle B and Aunt Nette for a good time!

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Michele said...

Looks like Jackson and his aunt and uncle had a great time! Are Brian and Lynette thinking about kids? Looks like they'd be wonderful parents:-)

I had NO idea about your Grandmother, so glad y'all were able to get her out for the day. I know she enjoyed herself.