Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Year Checkup

Just wanted to share a few pics of Jackson at the doctor's office on Monday. He had his 1 year checkup and is in excellent health!!! What a milestone! We also had Jackson's 1 year Birthday Party(PICS COMING SOON)!! Jackson weighed 18lbs and 9 oz and was 29.5 inches long. Dr. Cicero said that he will probably be tall and thin--watch out Lou!! We are no longer on baby food or formula--what a relief!!! The good Lord has truly blessed us with a beautiful and healthy child!


Michele said...

Awww...what sweet pics of Jackson! He is adorable girl! My cousin told me that she saw you on Monday when you brought Jackson in. So glad to hear that all checked out well and he is a healthy little boy:-) And I know you are thrilled that you NO longer have to buy baby food and formula:-)

Alyce said...

He is soo pretty!! We enjoyed Sunday. And ya for the diet change!! Saves a lot of money!!

Alyce said...

glad you are getting ideas from my blog. it is very encouraging!